Elevate your impact through Behavior Change

This #1 behavior change program is already transforming the lives of more than 100,000 professionals worldwide!

Strengthen your leadership and create lasting behavior change.

Empower your organization with a behavior change program that drives meaningful and lasting behavior change, allowing employees to direct their own development, while being kept on track through ongoing reinforcement. This frees managers to focus on easily accessible and insightful data, monitor progress and outcomes and intervene if needed.

Key differentiators


Incorporating personalization into strategies drives individual behavior change towards organizational goals. Our program allows employees to work on their own behavior challenges while aligning with the company’s strategy, fostering high motivation and engagement.

Self-paced Solution

The self-paced program allows each employee to complete the behavior change program at their own pace without disrupting their work. The program focuses on building capacity for behavior change rather than the transfer of knowledge. Worksheets and short videos inspire and guide employees to control their own change process.

Behavior Change Addition

This behavior change program is a powerful addition to any initiative already in place. With a focus on behavior change and over 20 years of experience, it maximizes success without replacing current efforts.

Discover how our behavior change program can bring positive impact to your organization, increase employee engagement, and minimize disruption for your workforce.

How we do it?


Proven Method

Our proprietary method guides participants through 3 phases of change: Foundation, Engagement and Sustainment. This self-paced approach is based on 7 Behavior Change Principles, which have been successfully applied in creating measurable behavior change for more than 20 years.


Reporting Modules

Our user-friendly dashboard provides managers with crucial process insights, tracking progress and results. Personalized filters create focus groups, while live data allows for effective interventions.




Behavior Reinforcement

Our unique reinforcement guarantees the application of new behavior by supporting employees in sustaining meaningful change. Prescheduled behavior change questions, short messages and other stimuli ensure continuous progress and reinforcement.


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