Online Course – My New Behavior

Proven methodology to build habits on wellbeing, career goals, and mental health

In this course, you’ll receive personal coaching from Anthonie, and as others say one of the world’s thought leaders in change. He will coach you around his proven proprietary behavioral methodology, The 7 Principles of Behavior Change.

We recognize that life is already busy enough and behavior change doesn’t happen in one-and-done events, but rather in short microbursts over time, and with progress check-ins along the way.

Start working on your behavior change journey now. In this self-paced course, Anthonie uses examples from his time as an Olympic Judo athlete for the Netherlands to help you learn, practice, and applying the 7 Principles of Behavior Change while also building your new personal and/or professional habits.

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Direct Impact

Start building new behaviors and habits immediately


Learn how to create the perfect daily and weekly engagement activities that reinforce your new habits


Create a sustainment system to help you with your behavior change journey over time

Successful Habits

Build wellbeing habits, career goals, and mental health

Today is a good day to be better

Exceed expectations
Easy to apply
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Building Successful Habits

We designed this course for HR professional who want to fulfill all people’s potential by robust Routines on wellbeing, career goals, and mental health. 

Are you ready for NEW Behavior?

Business Planning & Strategy

The Building Successful Habits Course features over “38+ videos going over all the tools and principles you need to succeed… while featuring dozens of examples from habits and routines to inspire.  

You’ll also get access to Behavior Change worksheets… which you can download and print for the homework. We guarantee that this self-paced course fits into any busy schedule