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In 1991 I became European Judo Champion and competed successfully in the 1992 Olympic Summer games in Barcelona. I was among the best Judo players in the world.

Now I am an author, trusted advisor, and frequent speaker at international learning conferences. I am among the best Behavior Change experts in the world. 

Anthonie Wurth

Founder and CEO of Behavior Change Champion

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To help you see the world differently and create impact on lifelong learning and lasting behavior change we need to be special to make you special. Get inspired by Anthonie’s story.

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"You Are a Dirty Ferrari"

I also applied this methodology to change my own behavior. I hesitate to tell you this, but I want to share my full story: After my years of rigorous training and living on a strict diet as a Judo player, I lived the complete opposite way. Working out less and eating more, I gained over 60 pounds and felt ashamed. After a few years of feeling horrible, I sought to regain control over my behavior. 

That was when I met the personal trainer Jorgen de Mey, author of The Action Hero Body: The Complete Workout Secrets from Hollywood’s Top Trainer.

After explaining my situation, he called me “a dirty Ferrari.” He explained that at the Olympics in 1992, my body was like a Ferrari — fast, powerful, and lean — and I had to bring it back. I had to change my behavior and honor my body. This was the greatest test of my methodology and I’m happy to say it worked. I ran the New York Marathon. I hiked Mont Blanc. Within 6 months, I returned to a healthy lifestyle and have kept it up. Over 54 years old, still strong and athletic, I can confidently say I changed my behavior with lasting impact. 

What we did

From Zero to Worldleader

I gain 20 years top sport experience and 20 years behavior change experience to become one of the most sought-after behavior change specialists. Experienced consultant using a proprietary methodology, translated into 45 languages in over 100 countries. 

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Let’s create impact on lifelong learning and lasting behavior change

My brother Kees and I sold the company Mindmarker in 2018. We were proud to have built a well-regarded company for driving behavior change and increasing the impact of many training programs. 

Though I sold the company, my focus continues to be strengthening The 7 Principles of Behavior Change methodology. I still give many presentations and lead workshops and private coaching sessions. The more I talk about implementing a Behavior Change Strategy, the more my ideas are challenged and improved.

As the learning industry begins to understand what behavior change is and master the major principles, I have begun shifting my focus to the Behavior Change Design Process so that individual learners and companies can design training behavior change programs of their own. 

In April of 2019, I was featured in Talent Development Magazine. To see more on that, click here.

In 2020, I launched the world’s first Behavior Change self-paced program, called mynewbehavior.com. Dit moet ook een lonk zijn naar service page an website (DAWN)

We keep developing all services to support you being the Behavior Change Champion. I hope you’ll join me on this continuous journey. 

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